At B.A.I.T. Fitness, our classes are only 30 or 45 minutes long. We believe you can get a great workout in a short amount of time by maximizing your time, taking fewer breaks, and really pushing you to push yourself with challenging inventive moves, upbeat music, and positive encouragement. With over 50 classes per week we have something for everyone!

Class Formats: 

Circuit – multiple different moves within one workout designed to target strength building and muscular endurance

HIIT – inventive High Intensity Interval Training alternates short periods of intense activity with less intense recovery periods

Workout of Day – daily posted workout for you to do on your own, at the discretion of the staff; targets whole body endurance and strength

Tabata – periods of ultra-high intensity, single muscle group focus, designed for you to max out each muscle group, one at a time

Kettlebells – weight training focusing on form and repetition; works legs, glutes, and back

TRX – suspension training that works all body parts using your own body weight; great for all fitness levels

Boxing/Kickboxing (for fitness) – intense cardio and endurance training while punching and/or kicking a heavy bag

BrideFit – this program is for brides, grooms, and their wedding party. Whether you join our standard class schedule (with a twist), or decide to really take it to the next level with customized small group training for your wedding party… the BrideFit program will get you looking amazing for your big day.

Yoga – this program is for all levels of students looking to learn or enhance their yoga experience. We will continue to expand the yoga program to offer different styles and or formats.

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